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The Athletics Committee is responsible for the operation, funding, and monthly reporting of the Beverly Athletics program.  It will consist of no less than (3) appointed Athletics Co-Coordinators, who will determine which member will serve as chair.    

Current Committee:  athletics@beverlypto.org
NEED: Coaches for Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball  


The ByLaw Committee is responsible for reviewing the ByLaws, determining if revisions need to be made, and updating with input from the Membership in accordance with the ByLaws, Article IX.  It will consist of the Past President(s) and the Parliamentarian with member input.

Current Committee: 


The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the coordination of all Beverly fundraisers. This committee must be informed of all planned fundraising to avoid overlap and ensure that proper monetary procedures are being followed.  It consists of all fundraiser coordinators and is chaired by the Ways & Means Officer(s).

Current Committee: 


The Nominating Committee is responsible for the annual election of the Executive Board Members.  It will consist of no less than (3) of the following:  a Teacher Representative, a Parent/Guardian, the Principal, and the Past President.  The chair will be either the Past President, the Principal, or the Teacher Representative.  The chair will open nomination proceedings at the March meeting, nominations from the floor will be accepted at the April meeting or collected via written solicitation during the month of April.  The consent of each candidate must be obtained by the committee before placing their name on the ballot.

Current Committee:  Mrs. Whaley, Chair; Mr. Rowley, Principal; , Beverly Parent


The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing all eligible scholarship applications and choosing the recipients.  It will consist of the Vice-President(s), serving as chair.  Additionally, (2) Beverly Teachers will be chosen to serve on the Scholarship Committee.

Current Committee:  Stephanie Grant, Chair; Mrs. Brandel, Teacher 


The Welcoming Committee is responsible for reaching out to new Bobcat families on behalf of the PTO and to serve as a greeter at each monthly PTO meeting.  Event responsibilities to include Coffee & Kleenex, held the first day of Kindergarten and Beverly's Kindergarten Preview & Registration, held in May.  The Vice President will serve as chair of this committee and will determine additional volunteer needs.  

Current Committee: Dana Quick