Beverly Athletics provides an avenue for our Kindergarten through 6th Grade students to take part in team sports regardless of previous experience, or skill-level.  We participate in a variety of local leagues, all with a focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, and learning.  

Our Beverly Parents volunteer their time in several ways from administration of the Athletics program, to team management, to coaching, to positive team support from the sideline. Bobcat Coaches share their passion for sports to guide our students in a constructive manner, with an emphasis on effort and bringing out their personal best. 

Please join the Beverly Athletics Facebook group for updates and information specific to our sports program. You can also email your questions to athletics@beverlypto.org 

Our 7th and 8th Grade students participate in sports through the Bowsher High School Junior Rebels.   For the latest information, please visit Bowsher Boosters Facebook Page or or E.L. Bowsher High School. You can also contact the Bowsher High School Athletic Office [419-671-2000] for more information.