*Both breakfast and lunch are FREE for all TPS Elementary School students.

Parents, you are more than welcome to join your student for lunch in the cafeteria any day.  You will just enter through the office, sign in, and walk down to meet your student.   Bring your dancing shoes, Ms. Coleman might ask you to get up and dance your wiggles out with the students before they head back to class.

Copies of the breakfast and lunch menu for Beverly will come home in each monthly newsletter.  They can also be found at the TPS Website under the "School Menu" button at the top.

A La Cart Pricing

 Milk  $0.45 Goldfish Crackers $0.35
 Water         $1.00 Soft Pretzel $0.90
 M.M. Juice     $1.25 Rice Krispie Treat $0.60
 Orange Juice 4oz $0.55 Slushies (small)     $0.50
 Animal Crackers $0.50Nachos & Cheese  $1.90
 Bagel w/Cream Cheese  $1.00Extra Cheese      $0.40
 Keebler Graham - Bug   $0.60 Ice Cream Sandwich $0.90
 Cheese-Its Hot         $0.40 Cotton Candy Cup $0.90
 Chips $0.60 Cookies N'Cream Bar $0.90
 Cookies $0.30 Fudge Bar $0.90
 Cream Cheese $0.60 Root Beer Float Pop $1.00 
 Fruit Bites     $0.40 Lemon Lime Push Up $1.00 
 Fruit Pie - Apple $0.50 Vanilla Ice Cream $0.90
Fruit Roll-Ups $0.50 Yellow Cake Cup $0.90