Spirit Wear


Frequently Asked Questions
When I go to check out, why does it only show my delivery options as ship to home or pick up locally at Jupmode?

Because of the software Jupmode uses, they are unable to change the local pick up option to say ‘Beverly Elementary’. All local pick ups for this order will be at Beverly Elementary even though it lists the Jupmode store address.

At check out, the model is wearing a different color hoodie than what I actually ordered. Does that have any affect on the actual color I ordered?

Even though the model shows a different color shirt or pant than you ordered, rest assured what you chose is what you will get. We do ask that you double check your ‘cart’ before you make your final purchase.

I want to buy a hoodie, but I don’t have means to pay online. Are there any other options for me to pay?

No problem. Please send Sarah or Kelly an email at spiritwear@beverlypto.org. We can arrange for you to pay PTO directly by either cash or check to ensure you still get to order what you would like.

I see it’s advertised that we can personalize, but I don’t quite understand how to do it while on the JupSupply store.

On the site, you will notice a graphic next to the hoodie and pant options that says ‘Name’. You will click on ‘Name’ and add to cart. Once you get to check out, there is a text box that says ‘special instructions’. In that box, type in the name you would like on the back of your hoodie. If you are ordering multiple hoodies, next to each name you need to type in the color and size affiliated with that name. Example: SARAH-Kelly Green Adult Medium. ALAEYA-Heather Gray Youth Medium. Please remember to specify ‘YOUTH’ or ‘ADULT’ in front of the size.