PTO Board 2022-2023

President, Jennifer McCarthy

The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and shall perform all duties usually pertaining to the office. The President shall be kept informed of all committee meetings. The President will be responsible for determining the agenda for the meetings and for keeping the agenda.

The President will be responsible for preparing a yearly operating budget, to be voted upon by the membership at the first monthly meeting of the academic school year.

Vice President, Anna Toney

The VICE-PRESIDENT shall act as an aide to the President, and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer. The Vice-President will be responsible to maintain the Bobcat Bulletin Board, Scholarship Committee (if applicable), and act as a Greeter at PTO meetings. The Vice-President is responsible for obtaining and overseeing the annual examination of the financial records by a qualified individual. The Vice-President assumes the role of the President the next academic year.

Treasurer, Michelle Albright-Peters (We are looking for someone to take this role over!!)

The TREASURER shall:

  • Receive all monies of the Organization.

  • Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.

  • Pay out funds authorized by the Organization.

  • Present a statement of the account at every meeting of the Organization and at other times

  • when requested by the Executive Board.

  • Keep only current books in his/her possession:

    • All other books and canceled checks shall remain for a period of (7) seven years in a designated area in the school.

    • The Treasurer’s books shall be examined an independent, qualified person who is not a Member of the Organization between July 1 and July 31.

  • Be Bonded

    • The fee necessary to obtain liability insurance for the Organization through the Toledo Board of Education shall be paid annually from PTO funds.

    • All funds are to be kept in a local checking account.

    • Withdrawal from the account will require two signatures.

    • The President, Treasurer, and two (2) of the remaining voting members of the Executive Board will be authorized to sign checks. No two (2) people signing checks shall be related by marriage or otherwise.

  • Be responsible for keeping the signature card on file at the banking institution current.

    • Movement of the account from one institution to another will require a vote of the Executive Board.

    • The account must be kept at a regular banking institution carrying FDIC insurance and cannot be a credit union.

    • The bank must have a branch office within five (5) miles of Beverly School, unless good cause can be shown otherwise and approved by a majority vote of the membership at a general meeting.

  • Be responsible to file or have filed all appropriate filings and fees paid to the Internal Revenue Service, and the Ohio Attorney General.

  • Coordinate with the Ways & Means Coordinator and Athletics Coordinator to verify that an appropriate check and balance structure is in place for the handling of monies at each event or activity.

  • Upon receipt, submit monthly statement from bank, general ledger and back-up information to yearly assigned member of the Executive board who is a not a signatory of the bank account for monthly reconciliation of account.

Secretary, Katie Asmus

The SECRETARY shall keep a record of all meetings of the Organization and shall keep current books and records pertaining to the business of the Organization, except those of the Treasurer. The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Organization, except those conducted by the Communications Coordinator. All PTO minutes need to be reviewed and approved by the President and the school office before being handed out to the membership.

Ways & Means, Breanna McClain

The WAYS & MEANS COORDINATOR shall be responsible for bringing to the Executive Board details involving any and all fundraising activities where students are asked to participate. This person should help coordinate the type of fundraising so it does not interfere with fundraising activities already planned during the year. The Ways & Means Coordinator will review each fundraising event to make sure that check and balance procedures for the handling of monies are in place. The Ways & Means Coordinator shall be responsible for the collection and accounting of all funds for any fundraising event or fundraising activity. All monies shall be deposited into the Organization’s bank account within 48 hours after the event. The Membership will be responsible to approve, through vote, the fundraising activity being proposed.

Parliamentarian, Nicole Cherry

The PARLIAMENTARIAN shall be responsible for making sure that meetings are conducted in an appropriate manner. The Parliamentarian will monitor discussion time for member. Each member will be limited to two minutes per agenda item to state his/her point of view, ask questions, receive response, and to pose follow up questions. The Parliamentarian may provide education on Rules & Procedures as necessary or requested by the Membership. Recommendations for procedures are to be made as needed to the President. From time to time the parliamentarian may call a special committee to review and revise the By-Laws as provided in Article IX. The Parliamentarian will act as a greeter at all PTO meetings.

Communications Coordinator, Amanda Myers (Also looking to fill this position!)

The COMMUNICATIONS COORDINATOR shall handle the website administration, Google Calendar, monthly PTO newsletter, e-mail lists where applicable, all mass mailings (whether through email or regular mail) needed by the Board to the Membership, and shall act as a liaison between the PTO and TPS communications department. The Communications Coordinator shall also be responsible for the administration of all Facebook page(s) and groups of the PTO and its standing committees, including but not limited to monitoring discussions, or appointing moderators to monitor discussions, to keep the pages and groups free from spam, vitriol, abuse, personal attacks, and other behavior that is counter to the mission of the PTO and its work in the school and the community.

Past President, Michele Albright-Peters

Teacher Representatives:

Matthew Rowley, Principal